KOREA: Crossroads of World Destiny

This title is in English.

Christian Cinema



The onscreen prologue sets the stage for the gripping images and behind-the-scenes footage to follow: "The Heart-seeking cry of a people whose physical suffering and spiritual need have no precedent in the history of world missions. It took the sound and fury of the strangest war in the history of the world to acquaint many English speaking Christians with the existence of Korea. Terrain, climate, the people and their way of life were unknown. And even now many identify the land only in terms of casualty lists, political arguments, and such contemporary bi-words as Heartbreak Ridge, the 38th Parallel, and Panmunjom."

The doc includes exclusive behind-the-lines combat footage and scenes of military weaponry and precision helicopter operations and extensive color footage of the U.N. and North Korea delegation meetings during the stalemate at Panmunjom. Narrator: "Panmunjom ... As long as the world lasts, that word will be used whenever men speak of international frustration, double talk, and the merchandising of men's souls. The North Korean delegation is the first to put in an appearance. The U.N. leader, Major General William K. Harrison, is known by Christians around the world as a devout believer. Day after day it was the same. The two factions met for a few moments, neither had anything new to report, except perhaps to unleash a few tirades."