This title is in English, but part of the dvd is about Korea.

Christian Cinema



God will meet you in the worst places!

A small town called Dinggidi, Africa, is a place where the refugees fled the Uganda Civil War to live. The missionary Eun Hae Kim has been taking care of the traumatized kids that are suffering from the memories of their parents being brutally killed by rebel forces. She is the daughter of the missionary who established this community, living in poverty, and has been having a hard time releasing her dad who died. The missionary Young Hwa Kim and his wife left their parents, siblings and home in South Korea and moved to Lebanon because he felt God told him to be a friend to the broken hearted refugees from Syria. These people who have fled from the terror of ISIS to refugee camps, living in abject poverty, learn how to continue in hope as Young and his wife serve them.

In this tender heartwarming story, both of these families, living far apart, are serving God every single day out of Obedience.