Torchlighters: The William Tyndale Story

This title has a lip sync audio translation into Korean.

This title also has Korean subtitles.

Christian Cinema

Vision Video


The year is 1536. William Tyndale is a hunted fugitive. King Henry VIII has ordered his bounty hunters to stop at nothing to track down and arrest this “dangerous man.” His crime? Murder? Theft? Espionage? No. Nothing of the sort. William’s “crime” is translating the Scriptures into English for the common people.

The church and government authorities have made it illegal to read, write or even speak the sacred Scriptures in English. The most important book ever written is unavailable to those who desperately need it. Convinced that God’s Word is for all people, William defies the authorities and begins the difficult and dangerous work of translating the Old and New Testaments. This episode of The Torchlighters follows William’s adventures as he works in secret, moving from town to town as a fugitive to avoid capture. Friends and allies help him along, but enemies may be lurking around any corner. Will he be able to complete his task before being found and arrested?

Children will be challenged by William’s devotion to bring God’s word to every man, even at the risk of his own life